Company Incorporation Consultant in Free Zone of United Arab Emirates!


United Arab Emirates managed to foster growth like no other country in the Middle east. The country is becoming a hub for investors in UAE. Not so long ago, it was a country that relied heavily on oil. After the discovery of oil in the region, the GDP grew with its exports of oil. However, the rulers of UAE soon realized that relying on oil as the only source of generating revenue could put the economy at the risk, and hence began the diversification in the economy.

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Free trade zones are becoming the main source of attraction investors in Dubai to bring in foreign direct investments and thus there has been a rise in Company Incorporation in Dubai. This is because the free trade zones are offering a variety of benefits to the investors. The free trade zones in UAE are allowing 100% ownership, which means that investors would not require to share ownership with the local sponsor allowing them to freely select the capital structure. Secondly, the free trade zones are offering tax exemptions for businesses. Which means that there would be no import and export duties for businesses in Dubai which are registered in the free trade zones. Moreover, is no corporate tax on the business, allowing the investors to enjoy tax free profits. There are no taxes on income as well.

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The free trade zones are also offering land for businesses, allowing to be leased for business use. Unlike starting a business in the city. Wondering how many free zones are there in UAE? Dubai being the most densely populated city offers a variety of free trade zones in the city, the number of free zones in Dubai alone is more than 20, and there are other various free zones spread all over UAE. These free trade zones are meant to enhance the development of different economic sectors in the country. From Dubai Media city to Dubai Airport Free Zone, these free trade zones are offering similar benefits to the investors as mentioned above. The first one being established in 1985, and today it is one of the largest free trade zone in the world, the Jebel Ali port, is a major source of income for the city and a major contributor to the rising number of Company Incorporation in Dubai.

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With these many options and variety available it becomes hard for investors to choose where to set their business up. We at Global Integrated Services will be the one helping you out, working out the preliminaries for you. Our team of skilled analysts will help you in deciding which one suits you best. We are the leading business setup company in UAE. Providing a range of services to help investors get the job the done. If you are looking forward to Company Incorporation in Dubai our team will help you out with all the legal formalities, insuring that the complexities are removed.

Are You Considering the Options of Mainland Business and Free Zones?


Are you planning to start business in UAE? Global Integrated Services is the leading business setup company in UAE. We are a team of consultants with various skills and vast knowledge in different fields to help you with business setup in UAE.

Global Integrated Services will help you weigh in the different options and help you come up with the best solution for your business setup in UAE. Depending upon your business needs we will guide you to which location will suit you best, which free zone is more suitable for your business? Or setting a mainland business would be best for your business type.

After the selection process is done, our consultants will help you engage with the legal troubles that your business would face during business setup in UAE. Our legal department will help you with documentation of your business and visa. If you are planning to set your business in free zone, then we will help you study and understand the different free zones available in UAE for business setup. There more than 20 different free zones in Dubai alone, and many other which are operating in different parts of the sheikhdom. Some of these free zones are activity specific, which means that only certain types of business can operate in those free zones. The advantage of this is that businesses get specialized infrastructure in the activity specific free zones which then help them establish their operations in UAE.

Our consultants will also help you go through an important step for business setup in UAE, is name registration and intellectual property right registration in UAE. There are certain laws that effect the name registration and our consultants will help you with coming up with a name that is free from any legal flaws. We will help you understand what can be regarded as intellectual property rights in UAE and help you register for it.

With our services, your business incorporation in Dubai would be made easy and free from any obstacles. If you are looking for a hassle-free business setup in UAE we will help you do that being the leading business setup company in UAE. For more information contact us today.

How to Start a Business in Dubai Free Trade Zone?


Free Zones can be defined as an area designated to economic activity. In areas of free zones companies are taxed very lightly or not at all in order to encourage economic activity. The free zones in the sheikhdom have been a major reason for attracting investors to UAE. These free zones are one of a kind in Middle East, and have great potentials in it.

The first free trade zone of Dubai was established in 1985 at the port of Dubai. The Jebel Ali free trade zone is now one of the world’s largest free trade zone in the world. The free zone at first was there just to offer standard size office units and warehouses to provide ready built facilities to customers, then it began offering the facilities it has now. Today these free trade zones in Dubai are not only offering tax exemptions to businesses but these free trade zones are also offering ownership of space in industrial area or port. Which means that there will be no corporate tax, no duties on imports or exports, no indirect taxes on businesses.

Businesses in UAE free zones can enjoy a tax-free income. Furthermore, the free trade zones are offering not only the ownership of land but also 100% ownership of the business by foreigners. Which means to start a business in Dubai Free trade zone local sponsorship would not be required. They would have full liberty in controlling the business.

The success of the Jebel Ali free trade zone has led to creation of free trade zones. Dubai is offering a variety of free trade zones in the city. These free trade zones are meant to enhance the development of different economic sectors in the city. From Dubai Media city to Dubai Airport Free Zone, these free trade zones are offering similar benefits to the investors as mentioned above.

Global Integrated Services has been helping investors from all over the world with business setup in Dubai. By providing services which ensure that the businesses are in compliance with the requirements of the free trade zone. Furthermore, businesses will be assisted by Global Integrated Services to acquire licenses and with company registration for the free trade zone. With our services like free zone company registration in UAE Global Integrated Services helps businesses understand their requirements and assist with the legal help they need for business registration. For more information on our services contact us today.

Partner & Sponsor Services of Global Integrated Services for Business Setup in UAE!


According to the Dubai Company Law, foreign investors in Dubai must have a local partner/sponsor who will hold the majority of the shares in the business, resulting into an UAE national holding 51% of the company and the foreign investors holds the remaining 49%.

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the most important business and economic center in Middle East. The city is never stops develop and is now looking forward to 2020 world expo. Due to these reasons, many foreign investors choose to open a business in Dubai because the favorable economic conditions the city has to offer and the fact that the city encourages foreign direct investments through many free zones.

For business setup in Dubai it is best to use services of specialized professionals. Global Integrated Services is the leading business setup company in Dubai. We will help you understand what you need for business setup in Dubai, how to make business investments in Dubai, what factors should be carefully considered, especially when investing in important business sectors like imports and exports. With our legal professionals, you will be able to acquire the licenses and permits you need, depending on the business nature of your company in Dubai, we will also help you decide on which free zones suit your business best. All new businesses in Dubai need to be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED). You can set your business in the free zones that suits you best. As there are different free zones for different business types. You can select the one that is specific for your organization’s activities.

Global Integrated Services will help you with obtaining the initial approval certificate from the Dubai Government which is valid for six months. After which our team will submit all the necessary documents, the usual time frame in which the business license is issued is one to seven days. You must have a physical address for your business to be incorporated in Dubai. For this we will help Entrepreneurs obtain property through rent and other means. For more information for business setup in UAE please contact Global Integrated Services today.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Dubai!


Global Integrated Services is the leading business consultancy firm in UAE. Helping investors with business setup in UAE through its services. These services include business registration, trademark registration in Dubai, business plans and feasibility studies.

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Investors coming to Dubai for free zones should understand the legal and the financial importance of trademark registration in Dubai. Without trademark registration in Dubai your rights would be under threat of being infringed. Other than providing protection there are many other benefits of trademarks. For businesses, their brand or logo, trademarks hold immense importance. This is because it has the power to convey intellectual and emotional attributes and messages about you, your company, and your company’s reputation, products and services.

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Your trademark doesn’t necessarily have to be a word. Your trade mark can also be design which can be recognized regardless of the language it is in or the alphabets used.

  1. After trademark registration in Dubai, it would be easy for customers to find you as your businesses can be easily recognized. The marketplace is crowded and it’s important to distinguish your business from your competitors. Trademarks and logos are of the most effective tool to capture customer’s attention and make your business, products and services distinguish from the rest. It also helps in sending out a message of what can the customer expect of your brand.

Customers and clients associate the reputation of your business and performance with your trademark and logo, and once identified they are less likely to look for alternatives. It is one of the critical factor in driving a customer’s purchase decision and maintaining the loyalty towards the brand.

  1. Your trademarks allows you to manage the businesses presence effectively. You would be able to utilize the Internet and social media marketing with an impactful trademark and logo. This would also generate high traffic on your website or social media platform because of brand recognition. This would be done with trademark registration in Dubai.
  1. Most importantly trademarks can be your biggest asset. The most recognized brands in the world today have been around for over a hundred years, for example Mercedes and coca cola. With the very same trademark, and this is why their customers have been able to recognize with these brands.

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Due to its impact, if businesses fail to research a brand and trademark before adopting can lead to legal issues as well as affect future profits. With the legal services of Global Integrated Services, you will be able to manage not only trademark registration but all sorts of intellectual property registration in UAE. As it will allow you more to differentiate your brand from others in your industry, the easier it’ll be to protect. For more information of our services contact us today.

Why to start your business setup or company in Free Zone of UAE?

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Dubai is becoming the epicenter of world business. The city that has turned out to be advancing with the word flourishing because of its free zones where organizations can appreciate assortment of advantages. These free zones saw gigantic development and have possessed the capacity to move the foundation of other free zones in UAE which are currently pulling in investments from around the world.

Global Integrated Services offers a wide range of services which are not only limited to free zone company setup in UAE, and offshore company registration. Global Integrated Services is also offering services like bookkeeping solutions, business plans, market analysis, professional advisory, administrative support, bank account opening, business setup consultation, visa processing, and much more! All that you would need for free zone company setup in UAE Global Integrated Services will offer it. Global Integrated Services encompasses highly ambitious team with motivated and professional individuals who are more than capable of helping you in achieving your dreams.

Global Integrated Services is the leading business consulting firm in UAE, where we strive to provide you with comprehensive range of services. Helping you with business management, funds, and all the support our clients need. With our services, our clients have been able to conduct their business efficiently in the UAE with the growing potential that it has to offer. Our professional will help you select the right licenses you need, and helping you for company registration, and also provide you with business plans and feasibility studies for a successful free zone business registration in Dubai. With Global Integrated Services, you would be able to prepare all the needed documentation, our services will provide the legal support your investment needs.

At the core of Global Integrated Services, we believe in creating valuable long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We do this with our ability to service our clients in different types of situations which makes us the preferred choice in UAE. For more information of our services contact us # +971564401847 today so that we assist you with free zone business setup UAE.

The Reasons Why UAE is the Best for a Business Startup!

13350270_1037797379601345_3479856427944664885_oUnited Arab of Emirates is one of the most rapidly developing states of Middle East. Dubai is known to be the business hub of gulf countries. The city has seen immense rate of development. It was once a local trading community and it completely turned around and proved to be the world’s most exciting city by showing its speedy immergence. United Arab of Emirates now has everything that it needed to become a perfect place for business.

  • Eye catching Infrastructure

The Infrastructure of United Arab Emirates is just matchless. It has managed to build tallest skyscraper of the world “Burj Khalifa” and even artificial islands. Dubai has managed to take a vital position in the top cities of the world. That is why company formation in Dubai is a dream of many people.

  • Tourist activities

The state has numerous attractions for tourists. It has a number of breathtaking activities like skydiving, air race and many more. Dubai is also famous for its shopping facilities, it has mega shopping malls and they provide some of the biggest sales on valuable and branded products. High number of tourist can benefit any business too.

  • Population Diversity

On the streets of United Arab of Emirates, you won’t only see Arabs. There are a lot of people who are working in UAE for better job opportunities and living standards. This is one of the reasons why any kind of business can be successful in UAE with smart business tricks and ideas.

  • Easily available workforce

People from all over the world are employed in UAE in different sectors. There is a wide availability of experts of any kind in the state. Hiring of loyal and competitive employees is a whole lot easier when there are a number of options.

  • Modernization and development

In terms of economic development Dubai is the most successful in the region on Middle East. It is exemplary how UAE didn’t only rely on its oil production and managed to become successful in almost all business sectors.

These were only some of the reasons why UAE is the best for a business setup. To make your company as successful as the state itself you will need experts for minimal risks in your business. Global Integrates Services is one of the leading business setup companies in the world and our team of experts is here to help you with your company formation in UAE. For help and further information, contact us or WhatsApp +971564401847 now.

5 Key Points to setup your own business!

5 Key Points to setup your own business!

United Arab Emirates is one of the best places for business in the world because of its rapidly development and exemplary infrastructure. The state has numerous free zones and has a wide potential market for any modern business. There are many problems that come across in business initiation and setup in any state. Some of the major problems encountered are as follows.

  • Business Registration

It is very important for a business to get it registered to avail the opportunities offered by the government. Usually it becomes a problem for most people to get a business registered because of limited networks and limited reliable knowledge about the new state. For company incorporation in Dubai, UAE you will need to work in collaboration with a leading business setup company in UAE.

  • Fresh Marketing Strategies

For a successful business promotional schemes and marketing strategies are very vital in its development. To come up with potential marketing ways it is very important to study the market of United Arab of Emirates. For a modern business up-to-date and innovative market schemes are a necessity. In order to become a competition in the local market of UAE you need knowledgeable and practicing marketers.

  • Law and order

For every state, the laws of business are different. Professional lawyers are required to understand the complexities of business laws of UAE. There are laws for manufacturing, product standards, company disposal ways, transport and many other sectors for different type of businesses. To avoid any sort of law violation done because of lack of understanding of legislations you will need experts to handle it for you, so that you can smoothly work on your business without any issues.

  • Risk Management

Risks are a part of every business. There can be intensified and unrecoverable risks if proper supervision is absent. To keep your business safe, you will have to work under contract with any leading business setup company in UAE for appropriate planning and major decrease in probability of bearing any losses.

  • Tax

There are many taxes that apply to general and special type of businesses. Tax can be very confusing but it is unavoidable. If you work with a reliable business setup company and allow experts to help you understand its complexities and make strategies to minimize your taxes it can be very advantageous for your business.

Global Integrated Services is one of the leading business setup companies in UAE, willing to promote business initiations and expansions in the state. We have experts to help you in every section of your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced workers will eliminate the confusions and assist you through the good and bad times of your company. To avail our services contact us on or WhatsApp +971564401847 today.

Feasibility studies & business plans!

20044839_1430773303637082_4168921198547173376_nStarting a company does not only require hard work and passion but it also asks for the accuracy in knowledge and know-how of the business world around you. Global Integrated Services assist you through your hard times. We have a group of knowledgeable employees working under the name of Global Integrated Services. Our team members are highly qualified and equipped with their experiences and knowledge to make the future of your company bright. Currently, we are working as the helping hands for the startups or established companies in United Arab of Emirates.

Global Integrated Services assists you through the company formation in UAE. We are here to give you a relief, our team works in order to let you focus on the core ideas of your business while we take care of all the other stuff. We offer all kinds of services your company requires. Once working in cooperation with us, you would not have to worry about the typical matters of the company. We have qualified and experienced individuals who help you get through the legal matters, maintaining your books and help you in the form of required financial advice and assist you with their experience in the business world.

Company formation in Dubai can be a little difficult, due to the city’s speedy development. Some matters are out of the reach of a general person, every state or country has its own laws and regulations for the companies there. We make sure that we deal with your legal matters professionally so you can concentrate on the major areas of your business like producing revolutionary ideas. We can provide you audit services and make your work easier than you thought. In this era of innovative ideas, outsourcing the departments is the key idea behind the success of most companies. So, focus on your major departments while we keep you informed about every change in the law and update you with any new information we receive. We are ready to help and assist you if you have just started a company or even if you are an entrepreneur.

We do not believe in excuses! our team’s major focus is to deliver the services at their best. Global Integrated Services help you to make your dreams come true. If you want to settle a company in Dubai, start now. With the knowledge, experience and contacts of our team and your ideas your company will definitely flourish! To start working with us contact now.

A consulting firm in United Arab of Emirates!

Trademark registration in dubai, uaeDubai has proven itself to be the most suitable place for business establishment and expansion. There are countless ways in which Dubai is perfect for business development. Media, IT, retail, shipping, general trade, tourism are some of the major industries of the city. Dubai can rightly be called the business hub of Middle East. It magnificent infrastructure, rapid development and wide business platform are the factors which makes it the best.

Global Integrated Services is a consulting firm in United Arab of Emirates. Our team helps you with free zone business setup in UAE, free zone company registration in Dubai, legislative issues and financial advisory service. We will help you through the marketing of your company as well as account management book of your company. We provide a range of services to make our customer stand strong in the ground of market of United Arab Emirates. We take full responsibility to satisfy you complicated matters of your business. You can outsource your company’s departments to us as well. We have a team of accomplished individuals who have a huge experience, knowledge and skills to make your path to success easier for you.

Global Integrated Services will stand by your side through the good and hard times of your company and work in order to make you understand the true nature of your business, the targeted market and help you to decide various matters, like location of your office. Our team members will always provide you with the most appropriate solutions. Providing our clients with support, network and confidence we have served them satisfactory free zone company registration in Dubai and facilitated them with assistance in free zone business setup in UAE. To avail our services contact us or call now +971564401847.

Our team member will guide you throughout your free zone business setup in UAE. We will provide you with the required legal help and update you with every upgrade in the business rules of the state. Initiate a company of your dreams now and watch it grow with the help of our highly experienced team members. Visit our website now.