Benefits of Trademark Registration in Dubai!


Global Integrated Services is the leading business consultancy firm in UAE. Helping investors with business setup in UAE through its services. These services include business registration, trademark registration in Dubai, business plans and feasibility studies.

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Investors coming to Dubai for free zones should understand the legal and the financial importance of trademark registration in Dubai. Without trademark registration in Dubai your rights would be under threat of being infringed. Other than providing protection there are many other benefits of trademarks. For businesses, their brand or logo, trademarks hold immense importance. This is because it has the power to convey intellectual and emotional attributes and messages about you, your company, and your company’s reputation, products and services.

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Your trademark doesn’t necessarily have to be a word. Your trade mark can also be design which can be recognized regardless of the language it is in or the alphabets used.

  1. After trademark registration in Dubai, it would be easy for customers to find you as your businesses can be easily recognized. The marketplace is crowded and it’s important to distinguish your business from your competitors. Trademarks and logos are of the most effective tool to capture customer’s attention and make your business, products and services distinguish from the rest. It also helps in sending out a message of what can the customer expect of your brand.

Customers and clients associate the reputation of your business and performance with your trademark and logo, and once identified they are less likely to look for alternatives. It is one of the critical factor in driving a customer’s purchase decision and maintaining the loyalty towards the brand.

  1. Your trademarks allows you to manage the businesses presence effectively. You would be able to utilize the Internet and social media marketing with an impactful trademark and logo. This would also generate high traffic on your website or social media platform because of brand recognition. This would be done with trademark registration in Dubai.
  1. Most importantly trademarks can be your biggest asset. The most recognized brands in the world today have been around for over a hundred years, for example Mercedes and coca cola. With the very same trademark, and this is why their customers have been able to recognize with these brands.

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Due to its impact, if businesses fail to research a brand and trademark before adopting can lead to legal issues as well as affect future profits. With the legal services of Global Integrated Services, you will be able to manage not only trademark registration but all sorts of intellectual property registration in UAE. As it will allow you more to differentiate your brand from others in your industry, the easier it’ll be to protect. For more information of our services contact us today.


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