United Arab Emirates is always changing it is always merging into something better, offering more than it did. UAE like its neighboring countries in the middle east is oil rich and was deeply connected to its traditions. Today UAE is one of the most dynamic cities in the world it went from sand dune to skyscrapers the city has it all.


Dubai is part of seven different sheikhdoms that make up UAE. It is the second most populated city in the country and is going to be the host for the2020 expo. The city has been busy in preparations for the 2020 expo, with new additions to the already well developed skyline of Dubai, there many new developmental projects which are underway and will be completed just in time for the2020expo. UAE unlike any other middle eastern country is offering free trade zones. These free trade zones are offering business to trade in UAE with the ability of not paying taxes for up to 50 years. This includes import and export duties, taxes on profit and any other sort of tax. Furthermore, these free trade zones will help business owners start their own companies without the need of any local sponsor, they would not need to share the ownership while they are incorporated in the free trade zones of UAE. Free trade zones are located near to all ports and highways, grant prompt transport facilities to the businesses.

Providing a sound business location, but there are few legal complexities that need to be considered before the business setup. Such as the how is company incorporation in Dubai going to be done. What are the available options, and what are the costs attached to these.


Global Integrated Services firm is the leading Business Setup Company in UAE that has been helping out firms and investors with the business setup in UAE. The team of Global Integrated Services will help you in understanding the requirements of the UAE’s government, we will consult you on how you should be approaching the given situation. For example, we will help you determine which sort of company incorporation in Dubai would suit you best. Is it as a mainland company or an offshore company? With our analysis and team skills we will help you decide this by providing you with business plans and feasibility studies in Dubai.


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